#AcWriMo with #CritEvents

November is #AcWriMo (academic writing month)! The idea grew out of the #NaNoWriMo (National Write a Novel Month) - Charlotte Frost from PhD2Published set up the academic version in 2011 and each year a community of scholars pledge to get on with their writing! We thought that we would encourage Crit-Eventers to join in! The PhD2Published... Continue Reading →


CFP: Grassroots Festivals and Place-Making

Special issue call for papers from the Journal of Place Management and Development Winter 2018 The Journal of Place Management and Development (JPMD) is pleased to invite papers for a special issue on “Grassroots festivals and place-making” Overview of the Theme Within the events and festivals literature there has been an examination of place-making and... Continue Reading →

Place-making and grassroots festivals

  The reason for proposing this theme is that we (Louise & Jane) are preparing a proposal for a special edition on this very topic! Watch this space... There was an initial discussion on what we understood by place-making and the following ideas came through: Communities and neighbourhoods and relationship to physical places Relational spaces... Continue Reading →

The thorny issue of volunteers?

Linda Wilks from Open University submitted the following provocation before the symposium: "Events/Festivals are.....often heavily reliant on volunteers to organise and steward them. But how much ‘fun’ is festival volunteering, is it really worth the effort for organisers, and how sustainable is a reliance on volunteers in the long run?" This was picked up in... Continue Reading →

The role of experts

The next summary is on the theme of experts. During the panel discussion, Beatriz Garcia, explained that a 'caravan of experts' has been created around mega-events such as the Olympics but questioned whether this was a good thing. This topic was then picked up in the open space as summarised by David Jarman below... What... Continue Reading →

A question of methods…

James Musgrave from Manchester Metropolitan University has written up the notes from the discussion about methods.... Is it a question of different methods, or are our methods related to specific events? There was a discussion of methods in different journals and what they expect to see and will publish - this needs further consideration and maybe... Continue Reading →

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