Book Announcement: Power, Construction and Meaning in Festivals

Power, Construction and Meaning in Festivals

Edited By Allan Jepson, Alan Clarke

Available now from Routledge 


Whether through education, sport or festivity, events form the basis on which we attribute cultural meaning, significance and value to our lives. In this light, community events have the potential to create positive and negative social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts within the community across a wide variety of genres and platforms.

This book offers a deeper and more critical insight into the relationships, dynamics and planning processes of festivals and events and the impact this has upon authenticity, cultural consumption and the local communities they serve. It does so by looking at a range of key debates in power theory, event planning and design, event construction, experience and meaning, authenticity, sustainability, social inclusion, accessibility and sponsorship engagement. International case studies are embedded within the chapters, examining the role of stakeholders, local communities, organisers, local governments and infrastructure.



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  1. Lu

    Thanks so much for publicising our book, we are very proud of the work and all the contributors.

    We hope it makes it to your desks or libraries and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have

    Best wishes to all

    Allan and Alan

    Dr Allan Jepson & Professor Alan Clarke


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