Virtual Writing Retreat #AEMEWR17



The Association of Events Management Education is holding its first writing retreat this week (17-18th) in Cambridge. Dr. Michael Duignan (Anglia Ruskin) and Dr. Caroline Jackson (Bournemouth and Chair of AEME) will be welcoming 10 academics to Christ College this week where they will take part in a structured retreat to make progress on their writing. However, for those of us who cannot attend I am inviting you to join me in a ‘virtual retreat’! All you need to do is complete your goals and get writing.

I have created a spreadsheet so we can be accountable to each other (this isn’t meant to be a stick to beat you with but a way to record goals and reflect on progress…a way of encouraging peer support!). The sessions are labelled according to the ‘real life’ retreat times but feel free to be flexible around this.

Do try and be specific in your goals. For example state the word count specifically for that slot. You also need to silence your inner editor. Try and spend the writing slots generating words rather than wrestling over what is a better word for ‘considered’ or ‘in relation to’….if in doubt just place a holding word, highlight it, and move on! More information attached here.

Share your progress on Twitter using #AEMEWR17 – you can follow me @Lu_knit as I get cracking!

Details about the value of writing retreats can be found here.


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