Call for papers: Special Issue #CritEvents

Event Management – an international journal
Special issue title: Critical Event Studies – issues & perspectives

Important dates and details:
Abstracts (of no less than 250 words):                       June 27th, 2017
Abstract decisions:                                                         July 14th, 2017
Full papers:                                                                     October 10th, 2017

In 2016 and 2017, discussion of Critical Event Studies has been the focus of a number of event management study and research related conference workshops. In part, this special issue is a timely response to these meetings and their geographical and conceptual diversity. In recognition that this discussion has dimensions that can be local or national and worldwide, this special issue offers a timely opportunity to appreciate and to debate them.

Critical event studies may be reflection of what Tribe (2007) described as evidence of a fifth research paradigm, ‘critical theory’. Clearly, events do involve a range of perspectives and they do respond to or else ferment a great many issues. They may also, indeed, be reflective of new dynamics in society which may require multidisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary research. Importantly, the increasing range of coverage is reflection of the flourishing nature of events studies and event related research (Getz & Page, 2016; Mair & Whitford, 2013; McWilliams & Siegel, 1997).

Contestation, in many forms and guises, is at the centre of organised events (Larson, 2009; Lamond & Platt, 2016), as too is the possibility of new responses and forms of engagement (Jepson & Clarke, 2012; Finkel, 2013). Moreover, contestation may be at the heart of where event management in the learning environment is best considered.

This special issue invites contributions which may include, but are not limited to the following topics:

1.      Critical events in the learning environment, e.g.

  • Definition and examples of critical event studies
  • Events management and critical reflection – from secondary school to
  • Event Management – opportunities and barriers to critical agendas
  • The relevance and boundaries of critical review in event management education
  • Invitation for single and/or comparative global perspectives of event management education and critical perspectives from Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, Middle East, New Zealand, Pacific’s, North America, Central and South America

2.      Critical points, e.g.

  • Critical event studies and people
  • Events and critical application – from community festival places to risk and business events.
  • Events and cultural narrative
  • Events and economic context(s)
  • Events and post neo-liberalism

3.     Critical perspectives, e.g.

  • Critiquing mega-events in a post tourism frame
  • Critical events in a time of global uncertainty
  • Critical events – questions of sustainability or resilience
  • Critical events and social justice
  • Critical events and gender
  • Critical events and poverty

Guest editors

  • Martin Robertson, Bournemouth University*, UK
  • Associate Professor Leonie Lockstone-Binney, William Angliss Institute, Australia
  • Associate Professor Jane Ali-Knight, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
  • Faith Ong, William Angliss Institute, Australia

In the first instance (prior to submission of an abstract) any queries can be sent to Martin Robertson at




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