Events/Festivals are…the series continues…

Newly registered to the symposium is Jennie Jordan¬†from De Montfort University. She shares her thoughts on the question...Events/Festivals are....? Festivals are special times, away from the humdrum of everyday. Ritualistic practices, traditional foods and site decoration provides an environment for communal experiences that renew shared identities. Jennie is the co-editor of two really great books... Continue Reading →


Featured Panelist (part 3): Julia Fawcett

We are delighted to welcome CEO of The Lowry, Salford, to the panel... Julia Fawcett ensures the artistic and commercial success of the Lowry, one of the largest and most popular attractions in the UK and a registered charity.¬†She has developed partnerships which have positioned the Centre as the home for presenting productions of some... Continue Reading →

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